About Northern California Aerial Services

I am a pilot and a commercial photographer, based in Northern California.

I am licensed by the California Department of Consumer Affairs. (CRD# 1028) You can check the status of our license HERE

We respectfully scatter your loved one’s remains, usually over water. Flights are usually captured with video for our records, and you will be provided with a Certificate of Scattering, with pictures of the GPS location, VS-9 Permit, cremation tag, and a time stamped picture of the location where we are scattering.

We have various options available depending on your needs.

Our are listed on our Services Page, but we are flexible depending on your needs, weather, location desired and other variables.

We are based out of Livermore, California and can provide scattering over many beautiful places (depending on any legally required permissions or permits):

• Waters along the coastline of California (Typically, the water outside the Golden Gate Bridge).

• Over Lake Tahoe.

• Over private land with the written permission of the owners.

• Over State Parks when permissible and with a permit, if required

We require a filled out VS-9 (your cremation service of mortuary should provide one) AND an authorization form. LINKS BELOW.

Thanks for considering our services – Eric Muetterties

Email: [email protected]